Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pay no attention to that tree behind the curtain!


In case anyone was wondering, I got it done! I managed to get down all of the Christmas decorations inside my house. The outside still has the Christmas lights up, but that's not my job. Oh, honey!

So, everything is down... Not exactly put away... But they are out of sight. I didn't have to get any scornful looks from the Daisy's for my procrastinating ways.

My daughter came downstairs this morning and saw that the tree was in pieces and that all the ornaments were off. She was sad that the tree couldn't just stay up. I'm guessing that one of the reasons that she's sad about it is because it really means that there are no more Christmas presents coming. She kind of gave it away when she asked me how much longer it would be until Easter...

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gina said...

lol. Mackenna asked us that the day after Christmas. :)