Sunday, January 18, 2009

Why are you hopping around?


Gina left me a very funny comment yesterday that I can't stop laughing about. Go ahead and read it, I'll wait.


So, that got me thinking about handcuffs and it reminded me of something I did when I was little. My dad used to be a police officer, so of course, he had handcuffs. And what kid doesn't love to play with handcuffs? Unfortunately, I wasn't supposed to play with them. But they just called to me...

One day when my parents were out in the front yard, I got a hold of the handcuffs. And did I put them on my wrists? Of course not! I put them on my ankles. Tightly. Hey! They wouldn't come off! I knew that I shouldn't have been playing with them, but I didn't want to get into trouble, so what did I do? I hid under a table and hoped that they wouldn't notice me. In my young mind, it was a brilliant plan. It might have been a better plan if that table had had a tablecloth on it. Yes, I was caught immediately. Yes, I got in trouble. Maybe if I had been wearing a long skirt and just took very small steps... Or hopped... No, I'm sure that wouldn't have worked either.

Well, I learned my lesson. Don't play with handcuffs unless you've got the key. What? Did you think I'd say "follow the rules," or something like that? Nah. Too much good blog material comes from not following the rules. ;o)

The following video is probably a PG, but you might want to make sure there are no little eyes around. Less 'splaining that way.


MoonGoddess said...

Too funny! - BOTH yours & Gina's situations!

At least there aren't any episodes with pink furry handicuffs...yet!

I have a friend who's young son was digging around in the bathroom & found her tampons & had a great time playing with the "pop guns"!

gina said...


Note to self: Edit your thoughts WOMAN!

Think before you publish!

follow this blog- she sure nows how to run with funny!