Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shake it, baby!


Why is it that when I go on a diet, my family still expects me to feed them? Even the dog thinks she should get fed. Unbelieveable! No food for you!

I started my diet a few days ago and I've been logging my food on the Sparkpeople website. So far, so good. I've been keeping within the calories allotted to me, and I'm ravenous doing pretty well. I have to say that time goes very slowly when you're on a diet and waiting for the next mealtime to come around.

I was having one of those diet shakes yesterday and my daughter wanted to know what I was having that she wasn't. I showed it to her and asked if she wanted to try some. Thinking it was a milkshake, she said yes. When I asked her if she liked it, she said that she did. Then I told her that it was a diet shake and she immediately changed her mind. You see? Even a 6 year old knows that diet stuff must, by definition, taste yucky.

It's getting close to dinner time now, so I know what I'm going to start hearing... "What are you going to make for dinner? I'm starving!" Carrot sticks make a good dinner, don't they?

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gina said...

The worst part of trying to diet- having a family to feed!