Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm perfectly normal. No, really.


My husband tells me that I'm obsessive. I'm sure I have no idea why he would say such a thing. I'm not obsessive. Not at all.

Okay, maybe a bit.

I do get a bit crazed with some computer games. I could sit for days hours a while and play some of my favorite computer games. I'll admit that some of the games I like are pretty mindless, like Poppit, Yeti Orca Slap, or Virtual Bubble Wrap (I mean, who doesn't like to pop bubble wrap?). And when I was younger my dad and I used to get into Tetris wars - yes, things would get a bit competitive. But hey, that doesn't make me obsessive, does it?

Yesterday though, I came across a new obsession game. I was on the blog "Where My Mind Roams" and MoonGoddess posted about a game called Funny Farm. Why do they call it Funny Farm? Because that's where you'll end up after trying to figure out this puzzle game. I tell you, this game will melt your brain is really something. It seems like a harmless little word association game, but then it sucks you in. It doesn't matter if I've spent the last half an hour staring at the screen without a clue what word to throw out there, I can't pull myself away. Must! Find! Words!

MoonGoddess, my husband does not thank you for this. ;o)

Let's see, I've got 8 hours and 34 minutes until I have to wake my daughter to get ready for school in the morning...

Find the happy place! Find the happy place!...


MoonGoddess said...

Oh I feel horrible for your husband! Sorry. But it is extremely addictive. I finally just had to stop. I was killing too many brain cells..some of those words are just way too hard.

My boyfriend ended up Googling & finding a site with all the answers filled in so he cheated. I got to where I REALLY wanted to find that site, so I quit.

I'm not sure who came up with that thing, but they are pure evil.

gina said...

Even Webkinz word challenge leaves me hooked, so...